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"" is an updated listing of international scholarships specifically for people from developing countries, Our team is aimed to provide you the news about latest Scholarships and Opportunities from all over the world, "" helped a lot of students to get their dreamed studies,

“Our mission is to promote international education worldwide through the publication of the most comprehensive database of International Scholarships information available on the Internet”.

The people behind the site all have a strong desire to develop, maintain and improve the site. We are ideally placed to serve the international student community around the world. Your submissions, feedback, and comments are encouraged to insure our success. 
The site is continuously growing as new submissions are added and old ones are expanded. Keep looking if you don't find something right away.

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  1. This is great! I wish I were younger! However I will certainly pass the information along to young people

  2. can you tell me all details about the scholarship i want to know about and wanna apply here.